CRS Compliance Regulatory Service, Inc. Wisconsin Drug Testing company. 
      • Compliance Regulatory Services, Inc. CRS of Wisconsin (CRS ), was started in 1992 by Ken Kirn.  Conveniently located in Central Wisconsin offering affordable drug testing services and drug training programs  serving the midwest trucking industry with clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Drug Testing services offered by CRS has grown to include clients throughout Wisconsin.  Drug testing services including onsite collection drug testing, the fastest growing segment of CRS Wisconsin helping Midwest organizations enforce a drug free workplace.  CRS your premier Wisconsn drug testing and safety training program leader.
    Wisconsin Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs.  Did you know that 47% of serious workplace accidents have drug and/or alcohol involvement.  Occupational Medicine.

    CRS Compliance Regulatory Services Inc. features a drug, alcohol testing consortium offering Wisconsin companies a low cost alcohol and drug testing program that is federally mandated and enforced in the state of Wisconsin.  CRS has a reputation for offering companies with an affordable WI certified drug and alcohol testing program, compliant with federal DOT regulations.  Included with our drug testing services, CRS of Wisconsin will help you prepare and administer effective employee safety programs that comply with OSHA, Wisconsin DOT, EPA, MSHA and Wisconsin propane regulations NFPA 58.  Before selecting a Drug Testing third party service, confirm that the provider meets the state wide training and certification and are up to date on state and federal regulations.  CRS is up to date, sharing crucial changes in DOT regulations with their customers.  You are in good hands with CRS’s professional and reliable timely service, enroll today.

    Wisconsin Safety Regulations Training Programs

    Wisconsin safety specialists.  Leading Drug and alcohol training program, onsite drug testing services along with other safety training regulations required within the state of Wisconsin including written OSHA training programs and Infotrac emergency response services.  Click here to learn more about the safety training programs we offer Wisconsin companies.

    Click Safety Audit Guidebook for a DOT Audit Guide. This will walk you through the audit preparation process and provide the list of documents the DOT will want to see. Click the following link if you are looking for the link to the New Entrant audit page for the DOT. After reading through the information, please contact our office if you have questions or are having trouble with the system.

  • For additional services provided by CRS of Wisconsin, please call 715-267-3142 or Email: kentkirn@aol.com.

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