Drug Free Workplace

CRS of Wisconsin…  creating a company drug free work place? crs_one

Each year business owners are losing substantial amounts of money, billions in fact, to drug abuse in the workplace.  CRS of Wisconsin provides on-site drug tests, laboratory drug testing services and updates to drug testing programs to customers across the Midwest.  CRS understands that the following items must be completed before your company is considered a drug free workplace.

  • Must have ongoing drug testing services.
  • Written drug free workplace policy.
  • Supervisors are trained to recognize substance abuse users.
  • Employee education for facility is required.
The Benefits of a Drug Free Workplace.
  • Safer work setting.
  • Reduced worker turn over
  • Reduced tardiness and reduced worker absences.
  • Increased productivity
  • Health insurance costs decreased
  • Only drug free employees hired

Compliance Regulatory Services , also known as CRS, puts together a drug testing program for your company leading to a drug free workplace.  A drug free policy can be written, customized to the specific needs and wants of your company.  This policy complies with all regulated and non regulated drug testing policies for federal and state regulations.  CRS will meet with you to implement this drug free workplace policy, answer and address questions or concerns about the policy and lead your organization into a drug free work environment.

CRS Compliance Regulatory Services of Wisconsin.  715-267-3142.   Email kent@aol.com

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