2015 MSHA Annual Refresher Class schedule now available

MSHA Part 46 Annual Refresher Classes offered by CRS.

This is a MSHA Part 46 required annual refresher training course required for any drivers that enter into a surface mine, gravel pit.  Including the following drivers; fuel delivery, dump truck drivers, tire repair, equipment repair, miner, etc.

MSHA 8 Hour Annual Refresher Training

Most classes start at:  7:30am – 5:00pm

Registration starts at: 7:15am

See list of Wisconsin locations below where we will be offering these MSHA Annual Refresher Classes.  Contact us regarding costs and availability if you would like to host a MSHA Group training Class onsite at your local business.


 **New 2015 Class Dates** February 24, 2015 Crickets Bar & Grill, 1361 100th St., Amery February 25, 2015 Citizens Telephone, 328 Main Street, New Auburn —-CANCELLED—- March 5, 2015 Morey Enterprises, 1565 11th Drive, Friendship WI—-CANCELLED—- March 16, 2015 Third Base Sports Bar and Grill, W7003 Park View Dr., Greenville, WI March 18, 2015 Sherry Hall, 9277 2nd Street, Milladore March 23, 2015 CIOR Raceway, 10104 US Hwy 8, Crandon, WI March 24, 2015 Silver Cliff Fire Hall, W13600 Hwy C, Silver Cliff March 31, 2015 Bayfield Town Hall, 85450 Hwy J, Bayfield, WI April 1, 2015 Iron River […]

Drivers of CMV’s: Restricting the Use of Cell Phones.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, DOT have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new Cell Phone Restrictions for CMV Drivers.  Click here to learn more.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revises HOS for commercial truck drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, revises the house of service (HOS) for commercial truck drivers.  New regulations limit truck drivers to 70 hours a week behind the wheel.  Read more here

NEW MSHA Refresher Classes offered in Wisconsin


Enjoy one of our MSHA 8 Hour Part 46 Refresher Classes conveniently located throughout Wisconsin or we can bring MSHA 8 Hour Refresher Classes to your business.  Contact CRS of Wisconsin for more information and to register.  715-533-1715 or email info@crswi.com.

FMCSA requires supervisors of CDL drivers to take 60 minutes of training…

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s, FMCSA, drug and alcohol testing requirements require supervisors of CDL drivers to take 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of alcohol abuse and another 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of controlled substances use.  The purpose is to qualify supervisors for determing when reasonable suspicion testing is needed.   You can read more here at the FMCSA site here.

CRS offers CDL Drivers drug and alcohol testing to meet required FMCSA training needs.   Email info@crswi.com.  715-533-1715 Cell.





FMCSA publish rule on hand-held cell phone ban for Commercial Drivers

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation, DOT, has set 1/3/12 as the date of the new hand-held cell phone ban.  The rule issued by both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, PHMSA, prohibit interstate commercial motor vehicle, commercial drivers from using hand-held cell phone while driving.  Intrastate drivers hauling hazordous materials are also bound to this new rule.  The states are expected to aplly the band to all in-state commercial drivers in the coming years.  The new rule, Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers will not be able to hold, dial or reach for a hand-held cell phone, including push to talk capability.  Hands-free phone use is allowed along with CB radios and two way radios.

Under this new rule, Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers will be prohibited from:

Using at least one hand to hold mobile phone to conduct a voice communication. Dialing or answering a mobile phone by pressing more than a single button Reaching for a mobile phone in a manner that requires the driver to maneuver so that he or she is no longer in a seated, belted, driving position. Drivers will not be able to use hand-held phones while temporarily […]

CSA 2010 Data Rating Available

CSA 2010 ratings are available on the CSA website.  Use your DOT number and assigned PIN number to review your ratings.  Here is the link to the page where you can enter your DOT number for more information about CSA 2010

CSA 2010 Data Preview Now Available for Motor Carriers!

The FMCSA has just posted to their website that CSA 2010 data for your company is now available. It is not public access yet so you will need to enter your DOT number and PIN number provided to you from the DOT. To view your data, go to the FMCSA CSA2010 website and then click on the “Data Preview” tab. If you find that you have a high rating in one of the 7 Basics and want to discuss your options, give us a call or drop us an email.



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