New CSA 2010 Changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has made some changes to the Safety Measurement System (SMS) Methodology which include violations based on new cell phone use regulations.  They now provide more details on breakouts, some existing brake, wheel and coupling regulations.  In February the motor carriers may notice the following two changes:

1.  Addition of five texting and cell phone use violations in the Unsafe Driving Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC).  The violations reflect FMCSA’s decision on 1/3/2012 to ban commercial drivers from using mobile telephones while driving, which includes a ban of texting.  Motor carriers should discuss the new violations with their drivers to ensure that they are aware of these new CSA 2010 requirements on cell phone usage.  Click here to learn more.

Need help with CSA 2010?

Contact CRS Wisconsin today, your CSA 2010 consultants.  715-267-3142.

Wisconsin CSA 2010 starts on December 1.

Many companies will be receiving warning letters from the Wisconsin DOT regarding the start of CSA 2010.   If you receive a CSA 2010 deficiency warning letter, contact Compliance Regulatory Services (CRS) your CSA 2010 experts specializing in consulting trucking companies.  CRS can help guide your company to a cleaner record with all of your CSA 2010 training needs.  Contact us for more CSA 2010 assistance at 715-267-3142.

Are you in compliance with CSA 2010?

CSA 2010 will go into effect in the state of Wisconsin in December, 2010.  Are you in compliance with CSA 2010?  What your company and your drivers do will affect your ratings.  The following should be done to prepare for CSA 2010 Wisconsin.

In-depth knowledge and understanding of  CSA 2010 Wisconsin Educate drivers how their performance now will impact their driving record and safety assessment of your company. Violations will count in CSA 2010 and violations of drivers history will remain on record for three years.  Wisconsin Safe Stat is scored on Out of Service Violations only. Educate all staff on CSA 2010 including mechanics, sales, office administration, etc. Keep up to date accurate files:  Driver Qualification files, Drug & Alcohol files, Maintenance files, Record of Duty files, Driver’s Daily Inspection files and Accident Registers. Make sure your Wisconsin Motor Carrier Census (MCS 150) is current. Review the information available on the FMCSA CSA Data Preview website, making sure that information is correct.  Use DATA Q to petition any questionable violations.  Also use the information on Safe Stat for the last two years to establish an understanding of any problem areas within your company. Actively monitor all violations received from roadside inspections. […]